What We Do

Guiding You With Expertise and Insight

We specialize in developing and implementing Value-Focused, Market-Based Eye Health Solutions

ACCINTa Eye Health Collaborative is your answer for effectively addressing these challenges and more. We are a forum for collaborating partners to interface and take collective action to resolve existing issues and devise new solutions, and to identify and explore new business channels and mutually beneficial market opportunities.

We Collaborate and Communicate

We maintain a managed forum for open communication and collaboration among industry stakeholders – through our active exchange of information, education, constructive discussion, and idea-sharing. We specialize in working closely with market stakeholders to analyze current market circumstances; proactively address business and market-based challenges; and devise, test, and implement the best possible solutions.


Empowering Access and Seamless Integration

Strategic Assessment

We carefully assess your current situation/market position and proactively address current and impending challenges, both business and market-based;

Strategic Planning

We plan, prepare for, and execute provider-friendly, market-focused initiatives that provide a competitive edge while supporting future growth and financial success;

Smart Adaptation

We embrace change and effectively adapting to a highly dynamic healthcare ecosystem with an unprecedented number of new market developments;

Value-Based Transition

We successfully prepare you for and transition you to new value-based contracts and assumption of financial risk;

Inclusive Integration

We achieve full access, inclusion, and clinical integration with all insurance/health plan products and provider networks, including new value-based care and population health management initiatives such as ACOs, Clinically Integrated Provider Networks (CINs), and Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs)

Leveraging Our Expertise Through Collaborative Consultation


We collaborate, investigate, educate, advocate, and negotiate for the benefit of our members and associates as a collective group, and more specifically for those needing special assistance in resolving issues pertaining to third-party payer and provider network matters.

Data Insight

We gather, meticulously analyze, and share critical information to empower informed decision-making within your organization.

Strategic Solutions

We offer insightful strategic alternatives tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

Practical Resolution

Our commitment goes beyond recommendations; we offer practicable solution steps and hands-on assistance to resolve issues effectively.

Mission-Driven Research

Our commitment extends to conducting thorough, mission-focused research and information discovery, ensuring we remain at the forefront of industry knowledge.

Market-Based Opportunities

We identify real market-based opportunities for improving access and clinical integration for eye care providers;

Partnership Engagement

We engage directly with key partners to explore options to devise, test, and develop the best possible solutions;

How We Define Success

Success for us encompasses various achievements: improving your local market competitiveness, achieving growth in your patient numbers and revenue, contributing to the expansion of the medical eye care and eye health industry, and establishing dependable referral relationships with key healthcare stakeholders. This involves fostering connections with Primary Care Physicians, Integrated Health Systems, CINs, and ACOs, as well as nurturing relationships with participating providers in IHS, CIN, and ACO. Additionally, we prioritize a shared commitment to integrated, accountable care principles, actively engaging in care coordination, management, quality measures, data sharing, and collaboration.


Our overarching goal is to achieve comprehensive access and intelligent clinical integration. Success to us is an ongoing journey toward excellence in eye care and health services.



Available to all ACCINTa Eye Health Members and Associates

Understanding and know-how are key to integrating eye health. With ACCINTa Eye Health’s Base Services, you gain access to a wealth of educational resources and a collaborative collective to help you make informed decisions about your position in the eye care industry.


  • Access to a moderated forum fostering open communication, information exchange, education, constructive discussions, and idea-sharing among Members, Associates, and the Advisory Council.
  • Comprehensive policy analysis and reports.
  • Position papers featuring valuable recommendations.
  • Regularly updated bulletins and newsletters.
  • Collaboration with AOA, AAO, and state associations’ third-party policy and advocacy teams.
  • Targeted and focused shared advocacy initiatives.


Accessible to all ACCINTa Eye Health Members and Associates at an Additional Fee

Our premium suite of services and products has been thoughtfully designed to address the specific needs of our collaborative members grappling with challenges in third-party payer and provider network issues. Note: All premium services are subject to additional fees beyond Member and Associate fees.

  • Focused market assessment
  • Identification of market-specific limiting factors, major issues, and opportunities
  • Strategic planning, identifying opportunity channels, and determining optimal market strategies
  • Value-based care/population health management advice
  • Medical eye care clinical integration advice
  • Clinical research development & growth advisory services
  • Industry outreach and intermediary services for new product development and market entry
  • Creating, developing, and implementing defined pathways to success:
    • Access, inclusion, and clinical integration of medical eye care
    • Clinical research practice growth
    • Engaging eye care providers in technological advancements & new market development
    • Preparing for financial risk under value-based contracts
  • Administrative, operational, and financial advice
  • Resolving issues regarding coding and billing
  • Resolving issues regarding credentialing
  • Reviewing contracts
  • Negotiation assistance for new agreements
  • ACO, IPA, Employer, payor contracting
  • Provider network development
  • Educational seminars