Why We Are Here

Forward Thinking, Proactive, and Collaborative

In response to the inadequacy of traditional healthcare models and outdated eye care service delivery, ACCINTa Eye Health takes a proactive stance. We identify and explore opportunities to enhance access, integration, quality, and value in eye care and eye health services. Our unique, collaborative approach places health equity and trouble-free access to essential eye care services at the core of all we do.


At the heart of our mission is a commitment to achieving full access, inclusion, and clinical integration with all insurance and health plan products, as well as provider networks. This dedication goes beyond rhetoric; it’s about breaking down barriers to ensure our members receive the support they need to thrive. As market shifts reshape healthcare, impacting the functionality of the overall market and care delivery at the provider level, our focus remains unwavering.

Eye Health: Overlooked Opportunities

An ongoing market shift by payers to new models of care and alternate provider reimbursement methods centered on value-based care and population health management is significantly impacting all healthcare providers

Are you finding it challenging to adapt to the evolving healthcare models, including value-based care and population health management?

Are you facing difficulties in demonstrating the value of your eye health services or effectively documenting the cost of care?

Do you struggle with the complexities of payer relationships, selective provider contracting, or narrow provider networks?

Are you passionate about ensuring equitable access to appropriate resources and care for all, but unsure how to achieve it?

We constantly identify opportunities to enhance access, integration, quality, and value in eye care and eye health services. By focusing on proven results, we strive to make tangible improvements in the eye health landscape.

We specialize in developing and implementing Value-Focused, Market-Based Eye Health Solutions


ACCINTa Eye Health is your answer for effectively addressing these challenges and more. We are a forum for collaborating partners to interface and take collective action to resolve existing issues and devise new solutions, and to identify and explore new business channels and mutually beneficial market opportunities.

Our collaborative spirit extends to our members and associates. We work closely with them to assess their unique market situations and empower them to excel. By providing strategic guidance and actionable solutions, we ensure their success in a rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem.